I have recently started working with WP-Client for a range of different owner/client based systems across a broad range of websites and networks that I run.

Initially I was looking for an  easy-to-use file sharing solution to integrate into the backend of WordPress that would allow me to quickly and efficiently share information with business clients for a range of projects. This included project planning, project management and invoicing. After much searching and comparison I settled on WP-Client.

Security, reliability, and ease of use were my benchmark criteria… there is no point adding something that takes more time to explain to clients than to actually use.  Wp-Client gives enough flexibility through three main package types – each of which can be extended with a range of custom add-ons.

The secure client login portal was the main part i was seeking and after looking at a custom build i decided WP Client offered much better value for money and effort. Secure login combines with private file sharing to make sure files assigned to clients are only accessible to the correct client, and only after they have securely logged in.

Other plugins can close but I wanted something with a simple and manageable two-way file sharing system. There are extra features I haven’t needed to use, like allowing clients to upload files directly from their HUB Page and share these directly with allocated management member that is assigned to them. But I can see it would work well for this larger type of operation.

Starter packages, suitable for most small business owners, start at $59 for one off licensing. Ongoing update and support cost $20 year – much cheaper than other client management systems.

By the time you extend it with a few useful features like text alerts, project management tools and possibly white-labeling the costs could go up to about $200 (although more likely to be about $120 in most cases.)

To choose a package that can work for you visit WP-Client