Expert Style Article Writing


Typical content includes “How to…”, “ 5 ways to…”, “Professional tips…” and other titles to help your expertise get noticed online.

We will work closely with you to showcase your knowledge, insights and expertise in each piece of content produced.




High quality, professionally written expert articles for you to meet your title or business requirements.

Typical content includes “How to…”, “ 5 ways to…”, “Professional tips…”

You can use the guide/article for your own blog, guest posting to another website, adding to an article directory or for any other purpose.


Articles will:

  • Be 500 words plus
  • Be SEO optimised
  • Include a suggested copyright free image
  • Be targeted to your audience and readers
  • Incorporate your own professional expertise (if relevant)
  • Be independently reviewed by an editor after your initial feedback is received.
  • Be shared on relevant social media sites

Optional: we can post your article (or a summary of it) on a relevant UK website to create genuine back links to your own website.


What’s required from you?

  • subject of the piece
  • relevant expert information or quotes to include
  • marketing focus of piece (any keywords or phrases)
  • access and permission to post on your WordPress site (if you would like me to post directly.)



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